Recipes (all grain) brewed by myself up to batch number 50. Batch numbers are indicated. After batch number 50, only the most interesting recipes will be posted.

My water profile: Ca 81 ppm, Mg 8.9 ppm, Na 4.9 ppm, K 1.9 ppm, Cl 6.0 ppm, NO3 10 ppm, SO4 9.0 ppm, carbonate 199 ppm, hydrogen carbonate 244 ppm, pH 7.3. Hardness: 13.4°dH (24°fH). Residual alkalinity 7.7°dH.

Belgian/French (inspired) Styles:

#20 Reason to Live – Influenced by Dogfish Head’s Raison d’être. Pretty tasty!
#24P Belgian Blond Ale – Simple Belgian Blond recipe
#32 Val de moine – Orval clone with Orval dregs
#39 Another Reason to Live – Reloaded and changed the #20 recipe
#40 Belgian Tripel – My brother’s recipe for a tripel. Won 1st prize at a competition
#49 Belgian Oatmeal Stout – Stout fermented with Wyeast’s 1581 Belgian Stout yeast
#63 Manneken Pis Saison – Simple Saison recipe with some Brett and raspberries
#72 Belgian-Brett-Ale – Straight forward Pale Ale fermented with WY3789 Trappist Blend

English/Irish/Scottish (inspired) Styles:

#1 Classic Pale Ale – My first batch ever. Classic English Pale Ale recipe
#4 Irish Stout – My first attempt to brew an Irish stout. Turned into a sour beer
#17P Irish Stout – Second attempt to brew a stout. Brewed as a pilot batch (small batch)
#18P Coffee Stout – Added coffee to half of the #17P Irish Stout batch
#33 Irish Dry Stout – Third attempt to brew an Irish Dry stout recipe
#35 Rusalka Imperial Stout – Won 1st prize at a competition
#36 Russian Imperial Stout II – Higher OG than #35 and vanilla beans & raisins
#41 Jubilee Porter – Influenced by Meantime’s London Porter. But no clone recipe
#43 120 Shilling Wee Heavy – Brewed as the Brew Challenge 2011
#65 Smoked Oatmeal Stout – Same recipe as #49 but with some Whisky malt
#67 Koschei Imperial Stout – Bigger than Rusalka and matured in Whisky barrel
#78 Shishiga Universal Stout – Big, big Imperial Stout clocking in at 17.6 ABV

German (inspired) Styles:

#2 Munich Single Malt – Single malt experiment with Munich malt
#6 Weizenbock – First wheat bock
#7 Zelebrator Weizenbock – Second wheat bock
#10 Gloriosa Kölsch – First Kölsch, fermented with Wyeast’s 2565 Kölsch yeast
#12 German Ale – First free style beer. Brewed to get rid of grains
#14 Gloriosa Kölsch 2 – Reloaded the #10 recipe. Brewed by my brother (his first batch)
#15 Weischwieweizen – Wheat recipe from SIOS, split batch and two wheat yeasts
#19P Heidelberger Kellerbier – First clone of a Heidelberger Kellerbier
#23P SWaSH – Single wheat malt and single hop experimental batch
#25P Decoction Weizen – My first decoction mash to brew a wheat beer
#28 and #29 Weizenexperiment – Recipes for the wheat yeast experiment
#30P Blood orange wheat – Wheat beer with blood oranges
#31 Dunkelweizen – My first dark wheat beer
#34 Mulus Weizen – Wheat beer for my sisters graduation
#48 Dunkler Nachthimmel – Recipe for a dark wheat beer (same as batch #31)

Other European (inspired) Styles:

#3 Vienna Single Malt – Single malt experiment with Vienna malt
#5 European Helles – Influenced by a local Helles
#8 Bavaria Pilsner – First Pilsner attempt. Fermented with Bavarian Lager yeast
#9 Wiener Helles – A Vienna Helles
#13 Pivo Pilsner – Brewed the SIOS recipe with a WY2278 Czech yeast
#22P Vienna SMaSH – Compare flavor impact of two dried yeast products
#81 Grätzer/Grodziskie – Polish beer brewed with smoked wheat malt only

Sour/wild beers:

#11 Sambic – My first sour beer ever. This is a sad story
#38 Flanders Red – My first Flanders Red with Wyeast’s Roeselare Blend
#44 Traditional Berliner Weisse – First traditional BW, spontaneously mash-acidified
#45 Brett in the house – All Brett beer fermented with two Brett strains
#50 The Folly Flanders Brown – Flanders Brown inspired by New Belgium’s La Folie
#52 Solera One – And the first Solera project begins
#57 Lambic 2012 – Second Lambic attempt
#61 Berliner Weisse 2 – Second BW attempt using Wyeast’s Berliner Weisse blend
#68 Dark Berliner Sour – Combining Berliner Weisse bugs and roasted barley
#82 Nelson Sauvined Berliner Weisse – Dry hopping a Berliner Weisse

US (inspired) Styles:

#16 Eureka – California Common. Influenced by Anchor Steam. Gave this page its name
#21P Impromptu IPA – Free style IPA (my first IPA)
#26 60 min IPA – Influenced by Dogfish Head’s IPA
#27 House Pale Ale – Cascade American Pale Ale
#37 Simcoe APA – Planned as a American Pale Ale to try first wort hopping
#42 Cheshire Cat IPA – Influenced by Russian River’s Pliny the Elder IPA
#46 Festive Pale Ale – Test batch for an upcoming party
#47 Smashed Pumpkin Ale – My first pumpkin Ale ever

Other fermented stuff:

Water kefir with raisins – My first water kefir ever
Kombucha the First – My first ever Kombucha made with green tea


4 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Do you have any details on the gluten free recipe you made with malted millet ?? I would like to homebrew a batch.

  2. hello, im rather new to home brewing & really enjoy this site!

    can you guide me, what do you use / do to handle the hard water here in switzerland ?


    • Dear Matt,
      thanks for reaching out to me. I commonly do not treat my brewing water. The water I have available (see water profile at top) is not really hard as well. Kind of an average water profile for most of the styles we brew.
      Cheers, Sam

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