#2 Munich Single Malt

Today, another post about a past recipe. Munich Single Malt, my second batch, already an experimental one. I wanted to try a single malt beer to get an idea how the base malt, in this case Munich malt, can influence the taste of a beer. I have to admit, that this is not really a good example of an experiment because I did not wrote down any numbers like the original- or terminal gravity… and no tasting notes either. Nevertheless, I can remember, that I was quite fascinated about the deep reddish color of the beer. Unfortunately the bottle conditioning went wrong and the beer was flat. I might have to repeat this experiment sometimes.

Recipe: Munich Single Malt
Numbers: Volume 15 L (4 gal)
Original gravity N/A
Terminal gravity N/A
Color Around 15 EBC
Grains: Munich Malt (15 EBC) 3.0 kg
Hops: Tettnanger (4.4% AA) 20 g and boil for 70 min
Yeast: S-04
Water: Burgdorf Mash: 9 L (2.4 gal), lauter: 10 L (2.6 gal) @78°C (172°F)
Rest: 5 steps Mash in @45°C (113°F), 20 min @ 43°C (109°F), 30 min @ 61°C (142°F), 30 min @ 72°C (162°F), 10 min @ 78°C (172°F)
Boil: Total 70 min
Fermentation: Primary 7 days @ 21°C (70°F) in a plastic bucket
Secondary In bottles
Maturation: Carbonation (CO2 vol) N/A
Maturation time N/A

06/04/06: Brewday, all went according to the protocol. After a brewday a total of 15 Liters went into a fermenter and the S04 started its work right away.

Collecting the wort

I guess the lack of carbonation may be explained due to the lack of sugars for the bottle conditioning. In my first batch, I carbonated with fresh wort which I stored until bottling the whole batch. In this batch, well I guess I wanted to try to bottle just at the right time to have enough sugars left to get an appropriate carbonation. And I failed miserably. I can remember that the Munich malt gave the beer a very rich malty body. The bitterness was not very overpowering because the IBUs were rather low. And I was a real fan of the S04 strain at that time because the first batch was fermented with the S04 as well and it turned out very well.