Yeast database

Welcome to my commercial yeast library. I maintain a yeast library to have a broad selection of different yeasts available. I currently have about 80 yeast and bacteria strains in my library. Further on, I have and am planning on expanding my library with strains from different bottles and breweries that are not commercially available which are deposited in the following list. I described my banking technique in a previous post.
//Last library update: Q4/2015

Yeast Number Origin Isolated
American Ale 1056 Wyeast 09.01.11
American Ale II 1272 Wyeast 03.12.14
American Wheat 1010 Wyeast 04.22.11
Bavarian Wheat 3638 Wyeast 04.22.11
Bavarian Wheat Blend 3056 Wyeast 06.01.10
Belgian Abbey I 1214 Wyeast 02.24.13
Belgian Abbey II 1762 Wyeast 04.04.12
Belgian Ardennes 3522 Wyeast 12.31.10
Belgian Dark Ale 3822 Wyeast 07.03.14
Belgian Saison 3724 Wyeast 11.19.14
Belgian Saison I 565 White Labs 03.09.14
Belgian Saison II 566 White Labs 03.09.14
Belgian Stout 1581 Wyeast 03.29.12
Belgian Strong 1388 Wyeast 03.09.14
Belgian Wheat 3942 Wyeast 05.21.11
Belgian Wit 3944 Wyeast 09.15.12
Berliner Weisse Blend 3191 Wyeast 07.29.12
Biere de Garde 3725 Wyeast 07.11.13
British Ale 1098 Wyeast 02.24.13
British Ale II 1335 Wyeast 03.09.14
Burgund wine yeast N/A Kitzinger 11.17.13
Burton Ale WLP023 White Labs 03.09.14
California Lager 2112 Wyeast 08.01.10
Canadian/Belgian Ale 3864 Wyeast 01.19.13
Cry Havoc WLP862 White Labs 03.09.14
Czech Pils 2278 Wyeast 08.01.10
Denny’s Favorite 50 1450 Wyeast 03.09.14
English Ale WLP002 White Labs 03.27.12
European Ale 1338 Wyeast 02.12.12
Farmhouse Ale 3726 Wyeast 08.11.12
French Saison 3711 Wyeast 08.29.12
German Ale 1007 Wyeast 07.11.13
German Wheat 3333 Wyeast 04.22.11
Helle Bock 2487 Wyeast 04.01.12
Irish Ale 1084 Wyeast 08.01.10
Kölsch 2565 Wyeast 03.09.14
Leuven Pale Ale 3538 Wyeast 11.17.13
London Ale 1028 Wyeast 11.21.11
London ESB Ale 1968 Wyeast 03.01.14
Old Ale 9097 Wyeast 05.14.14
Pacific Ale WLP041 White Labs 03.09.14
Ringwood Ale 1187 Wyeast 04.15.11
Scottish Ale 1728 Wyeast 02.01.12
Super High Gravity WLP099 White Labs 03.31.13
Super San Diego 090 White Labs 03.12.14
Sweet Mead 4184 Wyeast 03.01.14
Thames Valley Ale 1275 Wyeast 03.09.14
Trappist Blend 3789 Wyeast 02.24.13
Trappist High Gravity 3787 Wyeast 09.01.11
Weihenstephan 3068 Wyeast 06.01.10
West Coast IPA 1217 Wyeast 11.19.14
Organism Number Origin Isolated
Brettanomyces Blend I ECY04 East Coast Yeast 02.21.14
Brettanomyces anomalus I ECY04 East Coast Yeast NA
Brettanomyces bruxellensis 5526 Wyeast 03.03.12
Brettanomyces bruxellensis WLP650 White Labs 02.21.14
Brettanomyces bruxellensis trois WLP644 White Labs 02.21.14
Brettanomyces custersianus ECY19 East Coast Yeast 02.21.14
Brettanomyces claussenii WLP645 White Labs 03.25.13
Brettanomyces lambicus 5112 Wyeast 03.03.12
Brettanomyces lambicus WLP653 White Labs 02.21.14
Brettanomyces Bellwood BBY016 The Mark of the Yeast 08.06.14
Brettanomyces Quebec BBY010 The Mark of the Yeast 08.06.14
Fast Souring Lacto GB110 GigaYeast NA
Farmhouse Blend ECY03 East Coast Yeast NA
Flor Sherry Yeast WLP700 White Labs NA
Kloeckera apiculata ID71 SuiGeneris 03.09.14
Kluyveromyces thermotolerans Concerto CHR Hansen NA
Metschnikowia pulcherrima Flavia MP346 Lallemand NA
Lactobacillus I Jogurt culture EYL NA
Lactobacillus II Cheese culture EYL NA
Lactobacillus blend OYL605 Omega NA
Lactobacillus brevis WLP672 White Labs NA
Lactobacillus brevis 5223 Wyeast NA
Lactobacillus buchneri 5335 Wyeast NA
Torulaspora delbrueckii Prelude CHR Hansen NA

8 thoughts on “Yeast database

  1. Great library of yeast there. I’m not particularly scientific, maintaining a library is well beyond my skill set. A great skill to have though… it would make my brewing selection much easier than waiting 3-4 weeks every time I need new yeast (we have poor access to homebrew supplies where I am)

    • Cheers, I am sorry to hear about your poor access to homebrew supplies. A few years ago, it was very similar here around with yeast strains. You could only get a few liquid yeast strains and they were rather expensive (well, they are still expensive). Just one reason why I started to bank the strains. Now, I can get every Wyeast strain there is. Maybe one reason why most of the Swiss
      homebrewers still use dried yeasts.
      Have you considered to harvest the yeasts from your homebrews? (just dump the yeast dregs from the bottles in a yeast starter)

      • We have one shop that started carrying liquid yeast by special order a few years ago. It’s $9 CAD for Wyeast pack, and it typically takes 3-4 weeks to arrive. Otherwise, I’m stuck with Nottingham, US-05, US-04, and Cooper’s for dry yeast.

        I do harvest yeast from my primary and wash it. I typically use a strain 3 times, and then move on to another. I could use it for a few more generations, but then I get stuck in one style for too long.

        I have harvested yeast from commercial beers occasionally. With my poor beer selection, there isn’t much worth harvesting… except for when I travel to the US, where I can get an amazing selection of beers at great prices.

  2. That is an amazing list, especially the Brett and bacteria strains. Have you brewed with them all? Do you have flavor descriptions. I would really like to brew with them and I could give you feedback on my results. I’d be happy to pay for shipping and can build them up from small amounts. Let me know what you think. My email is [hidden by eurekabrewing]

    • Actually, I haven’t brewed with any of the strains yet. I do have most of the strains in small 50 mL cultures and will do some flavor descriptions in a few months to see which of the strains are even worth trying on a full scale batch.

      I would for sure send you some/all of my cultures in Eppendorf tubes to get feedback. I am planning to release some of my strains in the future anyway. We either wait for my flavor descriptions to narrow them down to some interesting candidates, just go ahead, or wait until I send strains to BKYeast this Fall. Since the weather here is really hot right now, I am not sure if the yeasts would like to be shipped right now…

      • Its is up to you. I’m fine with experimenting with new strains. We could work together to figure out how we want to test them. Split the strains or duplicate so we can compare directly. Maybe keep it simple with a pilsner/wheat mix, low noble hopping. We can try to match each other’s process or even use commercial extract. I’ve had good luck sending Brett strains – sent to Thailand and Bolivia just standard in 15 ml vials and they both had quick healthy activity. I think Sacc strains are probably a different story.

  3. Hello from Virginia,

    I noticed on your list above you isolated a Brett Blend (ECY04). I keep slants of my favorite yeasts, but I’m very interested in learning how to store blends. Can you give me a few pointers on how to store a mixed culture for re-use? I have a mixed culture of Brett L, Brett B Trois and Brett B (all white labs origin). Although I’m tempted to just buy all three so I can manually construct my blends for experiments, I would be interested in learning how you keep simple ratios intact so you can repeat iterative experiments.

    • Hi,
      I do not store blends to use them as blends later on. I just store them for isolation purposes. However, I am not aware of any technique to keep ratio of bugs fixed during storage (or the cultivation afterwards). And I would be surprised if there is a way of doing so. I guess the only way of keeping the ratio of blends fixed is to store the individual components separate and then mix back together in the respective ratio.
      Cheers, Sam

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