Yeast basics

Brief overview of posts dealing with basic techniques to work with yeasts as well as some techniques to store yeasts. Furthermore some posts dealing with yeast in a more advanced and scientific way.

Basic Yeast methods & techniques

Counting yeasts – Determine the yeast concentration
Yeast viability – Determine how many yeast cells are alive
Yeast morphology – Covers some basics about agar platings and colony morphologies
Information about my plating method – Brief overview about agar plates

Yeast banking

Yeast banking consists of techniques to set up a yeast library storing small amounts of yeast for future batches.

Yeast banking – #1 Introduction – Getting into yeast banking
Yeast banking – #2 Agar plates – Bank the yeasts on agar plates
Yeast banking – #3 Isotonic sodium chloride – Bank yeasts in solutions
Yeast banking – #4 Agar slants – Bank yeasts on agar slants
Yeast banking – #5 Frozen yeasts – Freeze your yeasts for banking
Freezing Brettanomyces – Experiments about freezing Brettanomyces

About Brettanomyces

The family tree of Brettanomyces – About the relationship of the different Brettanomyces
Insight into the Mitochondria of Brettanomyces – Insight into the genetics of Brettanomyces and a comparison to Saccharomyces

Spoilage yeasts – yeasts beyond S. cerevisiae

Debaryomyces hansenii
Hanseniaspora uvarum (aka Kloeckera apiculata)
Kluyveromyces marxianus
Metschnikowia pulcherrima
Pichia kudriavzevii
Torulaspora delbrueckii

Yeast paper reviews

Insight into the genome of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Yeast kinetic models – Yeast growth models

Introduction into kinetic models – First glimpse into the topic
Glimpse into Brettanomyces kinetic – Looking at inhibition growth kinetic models


A glimpse into yeast flocculation – Overview about yeast flocculation

Links to other posts of mine dealing with yeast:

Microbiology lab page – Overview of all the projects about yeast
Yeast database – List of some of my yeast strains I currently have
Comparing Belgian yeast strains – One beer, two different yeasts
Comparing wheat beer yeast strains – One recipe, 10 yeast strains


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