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About Eureka Brewing

Eureka Brewing is the research brewery within the Swiss resident Blackwell Brewery. For further information about the Blackwell Brewery visit the respective website. The Blackwell Brewery was founded in 2012 by two homebrewing brothers. We started homebrewing in 2006 and intentionally named our home brewery Eureka Brewing. I then started this blog in January 2012 to get in contact with other yeast and bacteria hunters in the world. On one hand to share some of my results and on the other hand to get discussions going. Things seem to work well and we finally decided to build up a real brewery at some point.Blackwell

We both decided to keep Eureka Brewing alive as a research brewery. Basically the playground within the Blackwell Brewery. This means that all the recipes brewed by the Blackwell Brewery once originated from Eureka Brewing at some point. This blog will thus further exists as usual.

For further information about the setup of the Eureka Brewing Research brewery read this post published in 2013. Prost!


5 thoughts on “Brewery

  1. Hi Samuel

    Your HP is now also on my HP linked. And I got a selfmade plate stirrer from Simon Brown, (I gues you know him). I will do my first trial this week with this “engine”.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Üelu,
      thanks for including me. Hope to find some spare time soon to write about some basic yeast techniques. Wish you all the best with your new stir plate. Cheers

  2. Hi…When and how will I be able to buy your brettmagedon strain…I am insanely keen to get my hands on this as all I brew are 100% brett beers and sours. Willing to pay big bux…I also have a mix I use for sours from Mikkeller gypsy tears and spontanale which produces intense pineapple vomit like flavours/aromas which I could send you.

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