#41 Jubilee Porter

After some reading and research for old recipes of a Porter I finally brewed batch number 41 on the 23rd of December 2011. I call the black stuff: Jubilee porter

Recipe: Jubilee Porter
Numbers: Volume 25 L (6.6 gal)
Original gravity 12.9°P
Terminal gravity 4.8°P
Color Around 65 EBC
ABV Around 5.5 %
Grains: Pale Ale (4 EBC) 4.8 kg
Crystal (120 EBC) 0.45 kg
Chocolate (900 EBC) 0.3 kg
Acidified malt 0.1 kg
Hops: Northern Brewer (9% AA) 37 g and boil for 90 min
Hallertauer (4.2%) 19 g and boil for 10 min
Yeast: Wyeast #1028 London Ale
Water: Burgdorf + 0.15 g L-1 MgSO4 · 7 H2O+ 0.1 g L-1 NaCl + 0.2 g L-1 NaHCO3
Rest: 1 step 90 min @ 66°C, mash out @ 78°C
Boil: Total 90 min
Fermentation: Primary 7 days @ 18°C
Secondary 14 days @ 15°C
Maturation: Carbonation (CO2 vol) 1 vol for draught, 2 vol for bottles
Maturation time Maturate for 4- 8 weeks

12/23/2011: Brew day. I did a yeast starter of the #1028 London Ale: Purchased a propagator and added the whole package to 1 Liter of starter and let it ferment. I cooled the whole starter down to 6°C so the yeast can sediment. Then carefully decanted the starter off and added another 2 Liter of starter. I cooled the starter a day before brew day again and added only the yeast sediment to the wort and shook the heck out of the fermenter to get enough oxygen in the wort. Fermentation signs visible after a few hours.

01/02/12: Transfered beer from primary fermenter to a new one. I will let the beer ferment another two weeks at around 15°C and then keg and bottle. Terminal gravity is 4.9°P so far.

01/15/12: Filled a keg and forced carbonated to approximately 1 vol of CO2. Will bottle the rest of the batch in bottles soon.

01/25/12: Filled the remaining 6 Liters into 0.5 L bottles and added sugar to get a carbonation level of about 2 volumes of CO2. Added some fresh yeast for bottle conditioning. I already tasted some of the beer and it had a subtle chocolate character and was pretty dry as expected. I am really curious how it will taste after further conditioning. Stay tuned, will post the tasting notes.

04/07/12: Tasting notes.