#6 Weizenbock

Eureka, its time for another recipe from the past. Todays recipe is a wheat bock (Weizenbock in German) I brewed back in 2006. I just used Wyeast’s #3068 Weihenstephan back then and I decided one day to brew a wheat bock. So I went with a wheat bock recipe I got from Üelu, called Weizenbock Hell and changed some minor things like the hop variety (originally brewed only with Tettnanger) and the amount of Munich malt (1.7 kg in the original recipe):

Recipe: Weizenbock
Numbers: Volume [L] 19 (5 gal)
Original gravity 15°P
Terminal gravity 5.3°P
Color Around 13 EBC
ABV >7 %
Grains: Pilsner malt (4 EBC) 1.7 kg
Wheat malt (4 EBC) 3.4 kg
Carapils (4 EBC) 0.3 kg
Munich malt (14.5 EBC) 1.0 kg
Hops: Tettnanger (4.4% AA) 27 g and boil for 90 min
Northern Brewer (9.6% AA) 10 g and boil for 20 min
Yeast: #3068 Weihenstephan
Water: Burgdorf Mash: 19 L (5 gal), sparge: 15 L (4 gal) @78°C (172°F)
Rest: Mash in @45°C (113°F), 20 min @ 43°C (109°F), 30 min @ 63°C (145°F), 30 min @ 71°C (160°F), 10 min @ 78°C (172°F)
Boil: Total 90 min
Fermentation: Primary 10 days @ 20°C (68°F) in plastic fermenter
Secondary None
Maturation: Carbonation (CO2 vol) 5 g of table sugar to each liter of beer
Maturation time > 3 weeks

11/19/06: Brew day number six begins. Prepared all the malts and begun to rest according to the protocol. I did an iodine test after resting at 71°C and the test was positive. So I rested for another 30 min (60 min in total at 71°C) to get a full conversion. The lautering went well and boiled the wort for 90 min with the hops.

Mash is resting

Then cooled the wort down to the pitching temperature of approximately 20°C (68°F) and pitched a package of Wyeast’s #3068 Weihenstephan yeast. Gravity was 15°P.

11/21/06: Had to transfer some of the beer in another fermenter because foam came out of the airlock. A very vigorous fermentation was going on.

11/28/06: Bottled the beer already. Added sugar to get the appropriate level of carbonation. The beer matured for nearly three weeks.

Now about the tasting of the beer. My notices are very limited and I just wrote down that the beer was clear and malty. I did no tastings back then, it was just about the beer itself to be enjoyed. This is very different now because the tastings give me far more information about the recipe than anything else. But I assume that this beer turned out pretty well because I did another wheat bock after this batch (#7 Zelebrator Weizenbock). So, if anyone out there gives this brew a go, please let me know how it tastes like…