Kombucha tasting

Eureka, today just a short post about tasting my first kombucha. Brewed it nearly two weeks ago and went in bottles yesterday. Cooled the kombucha to try it. Lets get into the tasting notes:

Kombucha ready to be tasted

Aroma: Sweet, dried apricots, hint of sourness, some green tea notes as well. Smells really refreshing. Reminds me of wine vinegar as it warms up.

Appearance: Yellow, clear, some bubbles and some debris is floating in the liquid. No head. No lacing. Debris looks like molds… Costed my quite an effort to drink it.

Flavor: Wow, that fun. Tastes like fresh apple juice made out of sour apples. Some sweetness detectable. Subtle sourness. Tastes better than it looks.

Mouthfeel: Very light, definitely some carbonation, very tart aftertaste, but really refreshing. Aftertaste like a Gueuze.

Overall Impression: Another fun experiment. I needed nearly two weeks to brew apple juice out of green tea. No, I am just kidding here. It is quite a nice brew but I could not drink a lot of it. I prefer a really well made sour beer instead. What else would you expect from a beer geek, right? I am kidding again. I appreciate other alcoholic beverages and kefir as well as beer.

Well I guess this was my first and last self-made kombucha ever. To finish, this kombucha lacks the complexity of a very well made sour beer. There is nothing to add to this…


Kombucha the First

The Kombucha scoby(s) are ready to ferment the green tea.

Eureka, as already mentioned in the water kefir post, I made my first Kombucha today as well.

The recipe was pretty easy: 3 L of hot water (0.8 gal) and 6 tea bags of a common green tea (without any additional flavorings) and steeped for 15 minutes. I then removed the tea bags and added 240 g of white cane sugar, dissolved it and let it cool down to approximately 25°C (77°F).

I then added the Kombucha scoby (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). I added the liquid which came with the scoby as well (which was Kombucha already to lower the pH of the tea). I then saw that I got two scobys… They indeed look very odd and spooky.

The scoby(s) have to do their job now and I will decide whether I bottle the Kombucha in 8 – 12 days from now. I’ll update this post with further pictures from the Kombucha as it ferments. The tasting notes will be posted in a different post. Stay tuned.

01/26/12: Kombucha day. First inoculation of a green tea infusion with two scobys.

02/07/12: Tasting