BBA/EBY Brett Experiment Update 5

Eureka, we are back to Brett experiment updates. I would like to take the opportunity here to remind people to fill in evaluation data they have so far. At this point, only 6 people (out of 38 collaborators) sent in data either via the provided google doc form or by posting their results on blogs. If you haven’t sent in any data so far, may I kindly ask you to do so? Sending me your evaluation sheets as PDF works as well.

That’s it already. More yeast posts to come soon.


2 thoughts on “BBA/EBY Brett Experiment Update 5

  1. Hey Sam
    I finally got to brew the test about 3 weeks ago so the tastings are forthcoming. I’m still seeing active fermentation in many if the tests.


    • Hey Anthony, thanks for your feedback. Looking forward to read your test results. All the best with Transmitter Brewing.

      Cheers, Sam

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