BBA/EBY Brett Experiment Update 4

Hello everyone. This is the fourth update concerning the BBA/EBY Brett Experiment and should give you some preliminary results for some of the strains and be a reminder concerning the evaluation process. I hope the experiment is working fine so far. As mentioned in the last update (BBA/EBY Brett Experiment Update 3) the planned time points for the evaluation are

  • Month 1 (uncarbonated at bottling), Month 2, Month 6, 1 Year

and the results should be put into the following list

Whenever possible, please transfer all your data from whatever form you used to the Google Form mentioned above. If you include any other (commercial) Brett strains in the experiment, please use the same form and just mention the strain in the appropriate field (yeast code).

Preliminary results

As far as I know, two bloggers published first results so far.

If someone else published evaluation data on their blog (or wherever) and is not mentioned here, please let me know. For the Google Form above, only one person filled in information so far. A bit too early to make any conclusions so far

Small lab update

I would like to end with a short update about the current status of the EBY lab. I am still isolating new yeasts from various new beers (mostly from the US now) and am now especially interested to get some Lactobacillus strains as well. And I finally detected some living bacteria in a dreg sample (see picture below) which might be Lactobacillus (will not reveal the brewery/beer at this point). On the other hand, I got some non-Saccharomyces yeasts from various dregs as well. One might be especially interesting as it is from a brewery from the UK isolated from a barrel aged beer. And I am quite sure they did not add Brettanomyces artificially. In addition, I finally got my hands on a Berliner Weisse brewed with an old Brettanomyces strain isolated from a very old, traditional Berliner Weisse. Will see if I can manage to get some living yeast from the bottle though. Further on, I am playing around blending various strains and dregs to get some unique and aggressive blends. That’s it so far.

dreg001On yet another unrelated notice, I would be interested using the legendary Conan yeast for a future batch. However, it is impossible to get the beer in Europe to isolate the yeast myself nor any yeast shipped to Europe. If anyone out there willing to send me some Conan, please write an email. Thanks for reading and stay tuned


5 thoughts on “BBA/EBY Brett Experiment Update 4

  1. Sam, if you are interested feel free to send me a bit of your suspected laco (I can send you some sterile mailers if you’d like to do this). I can run a 16s ribosomal sequence on the bacteria and identify the species. I’d offer some conan in exchange, but alas, I too am seeking a source of this yeast 😦


    • Hi Bryan,
      I would really appreciate to send you some of the Lacto culture for sequencing. Thank you very much for the offer. I will have to purify it first though. And don’t worry about the Conan yeast. I got enough offers for some yeast samples.
      I will let you know as soon as I have some pure Lacto culture.

      Cheers, Sam

  2. Sounds like a plan – and if you conan by then, I wouldn’t mind some too. I have a pretty extensive yeast bank (see my blog for the list) and am always happy to share.

  3. Posting image of 20 bottled Bretts. 4 friends helped me eval and I bottled rest. 5 week post bottling tasting coming up.

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