Launching Eureka Brewing’s Yeast lab

Eureka, I am really pleased to announce that I finally have all the equipment ready to send out yeasts from my yeast library to other (home)brewers. My yeast lab will mainly focus on different Brettanomyces strains, other souring bugs, blends and any kind of not commercially available yeast strains. To have a look at my preliminary yeast program please visit the respective site.


Sources for further Brettanomyces strains

Please further notice that I don’t accept any orders. Currently, the strains are only available to collaborators for testing purposes. I plan to release strains on an irregular basis. All information concerning releases, costs, cell counts etc. are and/or will be available on the respective site.

Cheers, Sam


2 thoughts on “Launching Eureka Brewing’s Yeast lab

    • Cheers and congrats on your bootleg project as well. I tried to isolate some wild yeast for some time now but always had some mold infections. I will focus on isolating the strains from bottles. But isolating a completely new wild yeast from the environment is very tempting as well.

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