Tasting: #41 Jubilee Porter

Eureka, its time for a tasting. Todays beer is the #41 Jubilee Porter I brewed back in December 2011. The beer matured for nearly three-month in a keg now, and its time for a tasting. The temperature of the beer was somewhere near 12°C (54°F).

Aroma: A lot of different aromas come into my mind: malty and caramel notes, honey, no roastyness or chocolate notes. No fruity notes. Has a kind of vintage smell like the Guinness Draught. But a very clean aroma. No off-flavors detectable.

Appearance: Ruby red, black, clear but can’t look through the beer, nice frothy 1 finger tan-colored head. The beer looks pretty nice.

Flavor: Again some malt and caramel notes. And a hint of bitterness is detectable as well. Nice balance between the bitterness and the malt backbone. No roasty or chocolate character. Really easy to drink.

Mouthfeel: Light to medium body, average carbonation level (much like a real Ale poured in the UK) and it is pretty easy to enjoy. The beer is pretty dry and finishes with a lightly bitter aftertaste. A real thirst quencher for sure.

Overall Impression: Well, this is a very easy drinkable beer for sure. And still has some very unique characteristic aromas and flavors. It is a very solid brew and I could not detect any off-flavors. I expected to taste some chocolate notes from the chocolate malt. But I could not detect any.

Lets summarize, this brew is really enjoyable. And I am not the only one who enjoys it. A lot of my friends appreciate it as well. I will give this recipe a go again for sure. The next step would be to do some experimenting and tweaking the recipe. I could try to increase the addition of the chocolate malt, maybe add some smoked malt as well to give it a more unique character, dry hopping, another yeast strain, add some wood chips… Luckily, I have a lot of ideas what to do with this particular brew. Cheers and thanks for reading. Please let me know if my tasting notes are of any use for you.