Kombucha tasting

Eureka, today just a short post about tasting my first kombucha. Brewed it nearly two weeks ago and went in bottles yesterday. Cooled the kombucha to try it. Lets get into the tasting notes:

Kombucha ready to be tasted

Aroma: Sweet, dried apricots, hint of sourness, some green tea notes as well. Smells really refreshing. Reminds me of wine vinegar as it warms up.

Appearance: Yellow, clear, some bubbles and some debris is floating in the liquid. No head. No lacing. Debris looks like molds… Costed my quite an effort to drink it.

Flavor: Wow, that fun. Tastes like fresh apple juice made out of sour apples. Some sweetness detectable. Subtle sourness. Tastes better than it looks.

Mouthfeel: Very light, definitely some carbonation, very tart aftertaste, but really refreshing. Aftertaste like a Gueuze.

Overall Impression: Another fun experiment. I needed nearly two weeks to brew apple juice out of green tea. No, I am just kidding here. It is quite a nice brew but I could not drink a lot of it. I prefer a really well made sour beer instead. What else would you expect from a beer geek, right? I am kidding again. I appreciate other alcoholic beverages and kefir as well as beer.

Well I guess this was my first and last self-made kombucha ever. To finish, this kombucha lacks the complexity of a very well made sour beer. There is nothing to add to this…