Water Kefir tasting

Water kefir the first

Eureka, my first water kefir is ready for tasting. This recipe consisted of: sugar, raisins, water and a water kefir culture. And some lemon juice. I bottled the kefir after fermenting for two days and left it outdoors to keep it cool (it is winter in Switzerland).

Aroma: Smells sweet and some notes of raisins. No sourness detectable.

Appearance: Straw yellow, hazy and some bubbles. No head. Some particles are floating in the liquid.

Flavor: First notes are raisins, some sweetness and a very light hint of sourness. Pretty dry aftertaste. Nice prickling on the palate.

Mouthfeel: Light body and some carbonation. Sweet aftertaste. A real thirst quencher.

Overall impression: This kefir reminds me of a champagne made with raisins. It has Cider notes as well but no apple character. To summarize: it tastes very subtle, only the raisins get through and are very easy to detect.The appearance, well, looks kind of a very cold white wine. The sour sensation might come from the light carbonation of the kefir itself or from the lemon juice.

So, this was my first kefir. I am very fascinated about the character it has. But I would love to get it more sour. I guess two days are not enough to get it sour. The pamphlet, which came with the kefir culture, suggests two days of fermentation to get the best results flavor-wise. I will let it ferment for maybe four days next time and look what happens.

This was a very cool experiment. I already made my second batch with dried apricots instead of raisins. And I will let it ferment for four days instead of two. I might post the tasting notes of the second batch but since this page is not really about kefir… I might leave it with this post about kefir. But I definitely will do further experiments with my kefir bugs. And I will do a Berliner Weisse some times with the kefir culture or at least with some of the bugs from the kefir.


2 thoughts on “Water Kefir tasting

  1. Hi there,
    Yes, there are some bacteria and yeasts in the kefir. But I can’t tell if they are probiotic. I made several kefirs so far and letting it sit for four days made it a bit more sour. And I also added dried apricots once but had some stomach troubles afterwards 🙂 But I get that as well when I eat a lot of dried apricots… I can’t tell why I added them anyway. But the raisins lead to a very pleasant kefir. I will add some figs or dates next time.

    And about your last question, I could not find any translation for “latching on to” which made sense for your question… It seems to be an idiom I do not know. Did you mean latching onto? Sorry for that. Please let me know when you brewed your first kefir.


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