Microscopy pictures of Girardin Gueuze dregs

Bored of learning for my upcoming exams I took my microscope and had some fun. I already posted about my propagation of the Girardin Gueuze dregs, I now wanted to have a look at the bugs in there and some other samples which were lying around. I am very sorry about the quality of the pictures since my camera is not the best one and my microscope… well, lets say it is enough to see some yeasts. Here we go:

Figure 1: Dregs from Girardin Gueuze 1882. 800x magnification. Take 1

Figure 2: Dregs from Girardin Gueuze 1882. 800x magnification. Take 2

Figure 3: Dregs from Girardin Gueuze 1882. 800x magnification. Take 3

I first have to mention that I am not a microbiologist and not very trained to determine bacteria and yeasts only by looking at them. By looking at the figures I could see some bigger roundish cells and cells with similar size bot more elongated. And there are some smaller cells too: some look they belong to the specie of Bacillus ssp., and there are some roundish ones too. And there was a lot of debris in the sample too.

Due to the different sizes of the cells my guess is that the round, big cells are yeasts (S. cerevisia) and the elongated ones could be Brettanomyces. The smaller cells should be bacteria of any kind. Maybe there is someone who could help me to assign the different cells to some species. Well this was a lot of fun. I will post about another beer with dregs I looked at in the future.


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